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Haria Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya
Business Features and Info

School Outfitters carries several exclusive brands that address a range of needs, for everyone from preschool to college and beyond. These brands include Norwood Commercial Furniture, Sprogs Early Childhood Furniture and Learniture Smart School Furnishings. Each of these brands offers specialized lines of furniture and equipment that help teachers build great 21st century learning environments.

Business facility
  • School uniforms
  • School sweaters
  • Sports wear
  • School blazers
Operating Hours
Day Open/Close From To
Monday Open 08:00AM 06:00PM
Tuesday Open 08:00AM 06:00PM
Wednesday Open 08:00AM 06:00PM
Thursday Open 08:02AM 06:00PM
Friday Open 08:00AM 06:00PM
Saturday Open 08:00AM 06:00PM
Sunday Open 08:02AM 06:00PM
Merchant Information

Merchant Name: Mercy Bonareri

Merchant Email ID:

Contact Number: 0725937458

Website Url: --

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